Portfolio of Hope

We mistakenly equate thinking with being, form with formless consciousness when, the ultimate truth is that thinking is actually the root of the ego, NOT the root of our being.

You see, the consciousness that says ‘I am’ is not the consciousness that thinks. When you are aware that you’re thinking, that awareness is not part of thinking. It’s a different dimension of consciousness, whereby:

In the background there is the awareness.

In the foreground there is the voice (the thinker).

And whereby:

You are the awareness in the background that is aware of the voice in the foreground.

How can we know this?

Because, if there were nothing but thought in you, you wouldn’t even know when you’re thinking. You’d be like a dreamer who doesn’t know they’re dreaming. You’d be identified with every thought as the dreamer is with every image in the dream.

Such incessant and compulsive streams of thought that build up in your head (and that never stop speaking) is a symptom of the ego itself gripping you. Your thoughts simply constitute the ‘voice’ of the ego, this (the ego) being a collective dysfunction/insanity of the human mind/a ‘sickness’ we are all suffering from, albeit some more acutely than others.

To escape the dysfunction of the mind?

We must keep being the witnessing presence, NOT the illusion.

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