Portfolio of Hope

We attach words to things
in an attempt to make sense of them.
The fact is though-
a bird,
a tree,
even a stone
(and, certainly a human being)
a mystery,
and therefore,
what we are actually doing when we attach words to things,
is merely
covering up
the mystery with a label.

We can say with such certainty that everything is
a ‘mystery’
everything in life has such unfathomable depth,
so much so that,
all we can perceive/experience/think about,
is merely the surface layer of reality,
(less than the tip of an iceberg).
What lies underneath the surface layer of reality,
is oneness,
oneness which sees everything being connected
with everything else.

Words then,
they simply exist to reduce reality to something which the human mind can grasp,
(which, by the way, isn’t very much),
No words can ever explain
who you are,
what the ultimate purpose of the universe is.
These things exist beyond the realm of thought,
(and words),
they exist in the metaphysical,
spiritual dimension
whereby everything is;

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