Portfolio of Hope

God didn’t make us in his image,
for God is not human.
we made God in our image
(Despite God being eternal,
all qualities that exist far beyond the human form,
well- any form at all for that matter).

We think about God in these (simplistic) terms, because its all we can understand in our limited form,
just like we think that heaven is a ‘location’,
like a plush holiday resort/
a place ‘up there in the sky’
(it’s not).

Like God, heaven is yet another word that we have (wrongfully) attached to describe an ‘inner realm of consciousness’- whereby;
the one who sees the voice in your head/
the one that is prior to thought resides,
and, whereby;
the awareness in the background/
the oneness resides…

And so, you see?

God is evidently not a ‘Man
and, likewise,
Heaven is evidently not a Place‘.
Like everything, they’re simply words attached to concepts that we, often, find too mind-blowing to grasp.

The reality , then?
God and Heaven.
you and I.
life itself,
it’s all ‘just’ one and the same,
it’s all ‘just’ pure awareness…

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