Portfolio of Hope

There is only one perpetrator of evil on the planet,


that perpetrator?

Human consciousness

(or rather,

Human unconsciousness).

Unfortunately, evil continues as most people remain unconscious,

trapped in their egos,

throughout the entirety of their lives.

When asked;

‘Who are you?’,

we’re quick to tell people our name,

our occupation,

our family history,


whatever else we identify with,


we struggle to ‘just’ be,


we’re all so caught up in the egoistic nature of the human mind,

in constant search of money,




external ‘success’,

despite us destroying the planet,




each other

in the process…

It is this collective dysfunction of the mind,

something which is further magnified by science and technology,


for the first time,

is threatening the survival of our planet.

And, it is this very dysfunction,

as mentioned above,

that is the source of all wars,

all inequality,

all hardships in life.

And so,

humanity is now faced with a stark choice:




It is paramount that we choose the former

that we all evolve into conscious beings,

becoming enlightened/


not just for our sake,


for the sake of the planet,


for the sake of all its inhabitants as a whole.

To evolve,

we must break free of the old egoistic mind patterns/

the old consciousness must dissolve so that a new,

transformed state of human consciousness can emerge.

In ‘breaking free’ of the old mind patterns,

we must;

Transcend the mind made false ‘I’,

Escape from the illusion of the ego,


Realise that our minds are simply carriers for consciousness,

not consciousness itself,

in the same way that a TV is a carrier for a film,

not the film itself (or the origin of the film)…

Take the TV away and the film still exists,

it’s just not broadcast in the same way.

The same is true with our consciousness.

Even when our body is no more,

our consciousness will go on.

We must remember all of the above points,

remain conscious of our consciousness,





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