Portfolio of Hope

The ‘formless realm of consciousness’,
the ‘universal intelligence’,
the ‘higher order’
call it what you want,
it’s the thing that points to how;
‘everything happens for a reason’,
& how,
as the zen saying goes;
‘the snow falls,
each flake in its appropriate place.’

This means that,
nothing in life is ‘random’/
everything plays a part in the ‘tapestry of the whole’/
the causes of even the smallest events are connected with the whole in what can only be described as incomprehensible ways,
your body
the atoms that make up your body were once forged inside stars.
In fact,
the atoms that make up everything were.
And so,
If you want to trace back the cause of any event in life,
you must first,
go back all the way to the beginning of creation.
despite what we believe,
the cosmos is not chaotic.
The very word cosmos means order,
(albeit, an order that the human mind can never comprehend)…

is the formless realm of consciousness.
is life

(and, how amazing this life is…)

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