Portfolio of Hope

I’m attracted
to the quirks
in life.

To the ‘rainbows’
BOLDLY existing
in an otherwise ‘beige’ world,
to the bright colours,
and patterns,
and ‘one off’ pieces,
that reinforce the uniqueness
of us,
of life.

I’d much rather
be the
‘odd one out’/
the ‘misfit’,
than ‘fit in’/
looking and acting like everyone else.
I feel
most like ‘me’
when I’m shopping for Vintage clothes,
writing poetry,
taking photos,
appreciating the hidden beauty
in life.

In fact,
it is when I’m going against the ‘norm’,
that I’m at my happiest.

It is when I’m being a rainbow
in a world full of beige,
that I feel
most like me.

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