Portfolio of Hope

So much time is spent searching
‘the one’/
so much energy is expelled
in such a futile act,
that we end up neglecting
in the process.

In the pursuit of ‘love’,
we forget that we ourselves are
‘the one’,
the only one who is guaranteed
to stay with us
for life.

In the pursuit of ‘happiness’,
we forget that somebody else’s love,
is not a substitute
for our own

In the pursuit of a ‘life worth living’,
we forget that ‘the one’ is actually nothing more
than a social construct/
a falsehood,
like the belief in needing someone else
for our happiness
is also a social construct/
a myth.

The reality,
never to be forgotten,
is that;
until we learn to love ourselves,
we’ll be unable to accept love
from anyone else.

And so,
we better get reading those self-care manuals,
finding love on the inside/
in ourselves,
before we so much as think about finding love
on the outside/
in someone else…

That is the only way to pursue
real love/
real happiness/
a real life
worth living,
-an inside job.

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