Portfolio of Hope

If I could visit my younger self
I would go back to the day when she stifled her laugh,
so as not to draw attention to herself-
when she left the room during a funny scene on TV because she didn’t want to risk laughing-
God forbid!

I would tell her to laugh,
tell her that she doesn’t need to be ‘seen and not heard’,
and that ‘blue’ doesn’t need to be her default setting,
she’s worth more than that,
she’s worth more than a life spent feeling like she’s ‘sinking under water’,
with no way of coming back up to the surface for air,
she’s worth so much more.

I would tell her that she deserves to experience joy and happiness,
and that she has every right
to show that happiness.

If I could visit my younger self
I would go back and remind her of who she is-
of how brave she is,
how strong,
and capable,
and all round ‘amazing
she is.

I would remind her to stand up tall,
head facing up towards the clouds,
and I’d tell her to channel the inner strength of a lion.

perhaps most importantly,
I would tell her to
not fear change,
but to embrace it,
one day change will come to her,
as it does to everyone.

One day,
like a caterpillar that turns into a beautiful butterfly,
I would tell her that she too will transform into someone her present self would be so proud of,
if only she puts her trust in the process,
remains strong no matter what forks in the road come her way,
even when times are challenging,
always seeks to find the ‘gems’ amid the dust and gravel.
(Oh, and..
always remembers to

If only I could turn the clock back
and visit my younger self,
I would tell her all this,
and a hundred things more.

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