Portfolio of Hope

life can feel like a test,
like someone’s switched all the lights off,
plunging you into darkness
just to see how you’ll ‘rise to the challenge’/
to see how you’ll cope
(Or not)…

From the outside:
The solution to making it through the darkness
is easy:
light a candle,
and ‘just’ keep going.
from the inside:
‘If only it was that simple.’

The reality of the darkness,
the reality of my darkness,
is that it’s not just external,
but it’s internal,
I can’t open my eyes,
and so all that I can see is black.
Even if a candle is handed to me I will still only see black,
the darkness is inside of me.
A candle would light up the room,
but what use is that when I can’t open my eyes
to see the light?

An infinite depth of darkness is what it is,
also known as;

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