Portfolio of Hope

To do list in times of sadness:

  • Take away all expectation,
    of what you think you ‘should’ be doing.
    -Seek refuge in the things that remind you of your aliveness/
    that ‘set your soul on fire.’
  • Do those things,
    or not.
  • Allow yourself to
    ‘just be.’
    -However you’re ‘getting by’ in this moment,
    is enough.
  • There need be no pressure,
    only love,
    of the purest kind,
    must you give to yourself.
  • As you;
    let love shine out of you,
    let the world be flooded with your light.
  • And as you;
    let hope be your natural state-
    hope for a better tomorrow,
    hope for a ‘brighter future’,
    hope for a ‘happier’ you.
  • Here’s to love,
    and hope.
  • Here’s to you.

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