Portfolio of Hope

Where has the light gone
from your eyes?

like the clothes you’re wearing
are dull,
as you attempt to hide yourself away
from the world
in baggy jumpers,
a reflection of how you feel
on the inside,
like this dark room we’re sitting in
is a metaphor for how you feel
on the inside,
there’s no light.

Why did you call me back here?

You ask me if things got better.
I tell you
they did.
They will.

We talk abut life,
about the things you’ll go on to do.

We talk about the good things you’ll accomplish;

  • Going to university,
  • Getting a degree,
  • Running your own business
    and you tell me that I’m making you proud,
    I’m still no good with compliments.
    And then we talk about the bad things that will happen;
  • Being sectioned
  • Not being able to run anymore.

Looking at you
sitting opposite me,
I feel…
Sad but determined
to create a better life
for future you.

Before I go,
I tell you to hold on.
I tell you to keep going
because what’s waiting for you on the other side is worth it.

Hugging me before I leave,
you say only one thing;
‘thank you,
for the hope.’

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