Portfolio of Hope

To all the women
who have come before me,
I have only two words:
‘thank you.’

Thank you
‘keeping on
keeping on’,
when you could’ve,
quite easily,
given up,
several times over.

When you were told to;
‘avoid going out after dark’,
thank you for going anyway,
albeit with keys sandwiched between your knuckles
‘just in case.’

When you were told to;
‘get back in the kitchen’,
thank you for refusing to comply,
for staying true to your values,
for honouring your strength.

When you were told to do,
or be,
anything that you were not,
thank you for ignoring the lies,
and for doing you anyway,
irrespective of outside opinion.

Thank you for all the times that you stood up for yourself.
In doing so you were,
perhaps unknowingly,
standing up for every woman to come after you,

Because of you,
women today,
and tomorrow,
on the whole,

And so,
for that,
on behalf of all women,
I say;
‘Thank you.’

To you,
we are indebted.

To you,
we owe everything.

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