Portfolio of Hope

Plan something exciting:

  • A trip away
    to somewhere you’ve never visited before
  • A new project
    that you can get lost within
  • A tasty new recipe
    that you can try for dinner
    to remind yourself of all the goodness
    that you are still yet to see and experience in this world.

Reconnect with nature:

  • Go for a long walk
  • Sit in your garden
    with a nice cup of tea and a book
  • Take photos of the wildlife in your local park
    to remind you of how inherently beautiful life is.

Do more of whatever things ‘set your soul on fire’,
and then,

  • Let your ‘fire’ inside burn bright
    as you
  • Let it lead you out from the darkness


  • Let it lead you back into the light.

One response to “Mood Healers”

  1. Passion is the fire that can light up , I opine. Passionate people have the “drive”… 😅😅😅

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