Portfolio of Hope

‘Don’t look back,
you’re not going that way’
is what we’re told,
donning the ‘top advice on how to be the most successful version of yourself’ magazine headlines,

Why can’t we look back
and move forwards?

We’re told that we can’t/
that we shouldn’t
do both,
we can,
I think that we should.

to ‘look back’ doesn’t mean that we want to go backwards,
it just means that we want to see how far we’ve already come/
to feel a sense of pride
upon realising that;
‘we’ve made it’,
to somewhere we perhaps thought that we never would make it to.

And so,
I think that we should
(look back),
we should feel inspired to do so.

We should feel inspired to reflect upon our past/
to reflect upon all that we’ve already accomplished,
and all that we’ve already overcome.

And then we should use the inspiration gained as a catalyst
for moving forward,
letting excitement
(and anticipation)
at what the future has in store for us,
give us a whole new lease of life.

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