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We don’t hate the way we look because there is something ‘wrong‘ with us,
because we’re born hating ourselves,
We hate the way we look because there is something wrong with society,
a society which tells us,
from the moment we’re born,
until it’s hardwired into our brains,
that we’re either ‘too much’,
‘not enough.’

A constant bombardment of images dictating what ‘beauty’ is,
and is not,
has been sent our way since the beginning of society,
reinforcing the idea that we are not
but that,
we are all
that we are all
‘frauds’ of women,
inherently ‘wrong’
some how,
in some way…

I’m here to remind you that we are not
and that
our worth should not be defined by the way we look,
but on who we are,
all roundedly.

And yet,
despite this,
despite the fact that our appearance really is the least interesting thing about us,
we continue to assign disproportionate weight to our supposed ‘faults‘,
we continue to overlook our strengths

Whereas men get to go to work
to be in a place of authority,
women get to stand in front of mirrors,
to be in a place of self-loathing.

What a waste
this is
of our one,
precious life,
thrown away to an industry which solely exists to capitalise on our insecurities/
to rake in billions upon billions of profit,
via the maintenance of impossible beauty standards.

we cannot let this continue,
we must choose change,
we must turn our self-hatred
for ourselves.

For ourselves because,
no one else can do it for us/
no one else wants to do it for us.
Why would they
female self-hatred
is so profitable?
it’s what fuels the whole beauty industry-
Cosmetic surgery,
and when,
it’s what fuels the whole diet industry, too,
all built from what it means to hate
being a woman…

Do you see it yet?
Do you see that ‘we’ are not the problem,
but that society is?
Just as,
we‘ haven’t ‘let ourselves go’ when we gain weight,
or when we stop wearing makeup,
or when we choose to go against anything which society has told us is a ‘requirement’ of womanhood
what we’ve actually let go of is
societies expectations/
the beauty gap,
having undergone a change
from who we’ve been ‘told‘ we should be
for generations,
to who we really are
at our core.

Now, just take a moment to consider the sheer power women will have
if we all stop hating ourselves/
if we all embrace change,
turning our heads away from female oppression
and towards self-love…

It will be

We will be
as women.


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