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Greek philosophy, as long ago as 450 BC, supposed the Universe to be comprised of four elements/critical energy forces that sustained life:

1- Fire (things that destroy),

2- Water (things that are liquid),

3- Earth (things that are solid),

4- Wind (things that move).

Later, a fifth element was suggested by Aristotle:

5- ‘Aether*, translatable as ‘pure’, ‘fresh air’, or ‘clear sky’ (things that are; ‘not of our everyday life‘).

*(In Spiritual terms, the fifth element, ‘Aether’, is translated, in Greek, to; ‘the pure essence that the gods breathed‘).

All of these elements are integral parts of the physical universe/they are essential to all life, including, of course, to us humans.

Present both around and within us, every visible thing is a combination of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air/Wind, and every invisible thing, the ‘Aether.’

In terms of ‘around‘ us, we are surrounded by the elements in our environment physically, via fire, seas/rivers/lakes/creeks/ponds, terra firma, wind, the sun, etc., and, in terms of ‘within‘ us, the elements go beyond the physical and are manifested via distinct personality traits and energetic forces


Fire=energy, transformation, connection to personal power, inner strength,

Water= emotional release, intuition, inner reflection,

Earth= grounding, substance, connection to life path and family roots,

Air/wind= intellect, mental intention, connection to universal life force).

The purpose of the elements? To bring balance (e.g., Fire needs water to be quenched, and the earth needs wind to move it).

The essential elements are just that, ‘essential‘, for a reason– because, when we align with the elements (i.e., when we live ‘in-synergy’ with nature), we become more present and tap into the wisdom of life itself.

So essential are the elements to us, in fact that, even when we die, they still influence us. How so? Because, upon our death, our bodies dissolve back into the very elements described above as we, ultimately, become at one with the united universe again

(hence the expression;

We are one‘).

-At one with the elements-

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