Portfolio of Hope

As physical beings we* (*’we’ meaning us humans, certainly, and, potentially every other living thing in the universe) are all made up of three ‘layers’- the first layer represented by the conscious mind, the second, the sub-conscious mind, and the third, the super-conscious mind.

Now, it is these latter two layers- the ‘sub-conscious’ mind and the ‘super-conscious’ mind- that interest me the most because, the fact is that; the human brain is merely a function of consciousness, not the ‘source’ of it. And so, naturally, I want to find the source of consciousness, a source which, I believe, most definitely does not exist within the conscious mind of the first layer, but does exist within the ‘super conscious’ mind, (a.k.a. the ‘soul’), of the third layer.

It is within the third, outer layer that, upon our death, we are transported out of the physical universe/the three dimensional world, and into the spiritual world/into the fourth (or even fifth, who knows?) dimension- a ‘higher place of consciousness’- whereby the deceased, (and the dying), are given access to a supreme knowledge of eternal consciousness, as their souls become connected to the eternity of time.

Unfortunately for us, we are unable to access the fourth and/or fifth dimensions in our present existence because, as world renowned scientist Carl Sagan would, in the 70’s and 80’s, so aptly go on to explain to us all, we currently live in a three dimensional world, with no access to the fourth dimension or, for that matter, to any dimension that may exist thereafter. It is only when we die that we can access such dimensions, and therefore, the long standing association of death and the loss of our life force is a miscalculated one. When we die, whilst yes, our body is forfeited, our life force is not ‘forfeited‘, but is, in fact, gained, as we become ‘at one’ with the same beating heart/a constant reality state of pure energy-the source

It is this- the ‘source’- which the physical universe, (including everyone/everything in it), exists for- for the use of the source. We go through the experiences we go through in this physical existence of ours, so that we can acquire the knowledge that is needed for us to advance ourselves, and for us to, ultimately, evolve, into our spiritual existence.

It can therefore be concluded that we were not created ‘by accident’ for mere survival. We do in fact all operate within a system which directs the physical transformation of the self,

for a reason,

Just as order and purpose in the universe emanate from a higher consciousness,

for a reason.

The reason? Who can say, for, it exists somewhere outside of the three dimensions of the physical world, and within the multi-dimensional plane of the metaphysical world.

And so, we can conclude that, death is not darkness, but light. ‘Light’ because, there is no residence of terrible suffering for souls, (in death), except on earth, (in life). How so? Because, after death, all souls go to one spirit world, a world within which everyone is shown love, and, a world within which we might, finally, come to understand the answers to life’s biggest questions, to life’s ultimate question(s):

‘Why are we here?’

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