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Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ is considered to be one of the most iconic images in European art history. In it, a man, (depicted as ‘God’), fingers outstretched, is trying with his whole being to touch Adam, but, Adam is unreceptive to God, as is reflected by his relaxed stance.

Unlike God’s fingers, which are fully extending out towards Adam, Adam’s fingers are only halfheartedly raised, one could say, ‘limp‘, even.

With his wrist bent, fingers pointing downwards, a stance suggesting Adam’s clear indifference to meeting God’s touch, could this be because Adam doesn’t yet realise the power that God holds. It must be because of this, surely, for, if he (Adam) did realise the power of God, then, how could he/how could we, possibly be so relaxed/so ‘nonchalant‘, about their/our relationship with the divine?

The good news is that, despite our ‘indifference’, God isn’t going anywhere. When we’re ready to choose to make contact with the higher power, we can. All it takes is one decision- the decision- to want to reach ‘him’/’it.’

It is only when we do make this decision/when the fingers finally do meet, that Adam can, finally, be said to be ‘awakened’- both in mind and in body- to the power of God. Until that moment occurs though, Adam can be said to be ‘alive‘, granted, but he cannot be said to be ‘awake.’ In other words, he is ‘aware‘, but not ‘enlightened.’ And, the same can be said of our relationship to the higher power/our consciousness. We know it is there/we have an awareness of it, but, until we make the decision to want to have a relationship with it, we will be unable to fully grasp what it is/where it goes/why we have it. If we could all grasp it-the higher power/our consciousness- then the longest standing debate and the biggest source of all war in the world- religion– would be no more. We would have all the answers. Except, we don’t.

As for the other aspects of Michelangelo’s famous painting, ‘Creation of Adam’, my interpretation is that the people surrounding God are the ‘awakened ones’, people whom have already been touched by God/in whom the divine light is already within. In terms of what God and these other people are in, shaped like a human brain, I believe that it represents our consciousness/the ultimate source/THE consciousness.

This is my interpretation of, arguably, THE greatest work of art to have ever been produced, and, arguably, THE greatest work of art that probably will ever be produced. This is my interpretation of the late, the great, ‘Creation of Adam.’

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