Portfolio of Hope

All things change,
but nothing dies.

The destruction of one material form-
simply a prelude to the building up of another-

another dimension,
another realm of consciousness,
another world.
another ‘great adventure’

Like the changing of a scene in a play,
like the transition from caterpillar to butterfly,
the beginning of everything,
nothing is lost,
as energy can never be destroyed.

Whilst the melody changes,
the dance?
It goes on.

To view death as ‘the end’ would be like viewing the horizon as the end of the ocean-
it is not
‘the end’,
it is
‘going home to the source’
(to our true nature- our spirit)/
a ‘homecoming’,
with our death in the physical triggering our birth in the spiritual,
death being something we fear only because we know nothing beyond the body.

And so we can conclude that;
death is not
‘extinguishing the light’,
it is putting out the lamp because the dawn* has come

*(the ‘dawn’ being our spiritual awakening).

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