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We are all born with a sex based on our biological/physiological characteristics, granted, but we are not all born with a gender, for, gender is merely a construct- a socially constructed phenomenon which does not- cannot– exist independent of human society and life’s social structures.

And so, when we declare our gender to be ‘male’ or ‘female’, we are not declaring who we are on a metaphysical level, since, gender is something which we adopt for ourselves. What we are actually doing when we declare ourselves to be one particular gender, is simply conforming to, yet another, societal expectation.

Like declaring ‘I am in pain’, declaring that ‘I am male’, or, ‘I am female’, is not a declaration of who we are, but of how we feel, and, feelings change over time, hence why, gone are the days of gender being as black and white as one being ‘male’ or female’- now gender is considered to exist on a spectrum. Whether that means declaring oneself to be a ‘fixed’ female, a ‘fixed’ male (unchanging gender), a female today and a male tomorrow (gender-fluid), neither male or female (agender), or somewhere in between (non-binary), we are all free to identify however we want to identify.

Now, as for me?

My sex is female.

My gender identity is, if I had to label it, ‘agender‘-

I am male as much as I am female.

At my essence, I am neither.

What, or rather, who I truly am, is a soul

a ‘soul with a body’,

not a

‘body with a soul.’

A ‘big genderless ball of energy

is what I am,

it’s what we all are.

At our core,

we are all genderless,

free to be whoever we want to be.

How empowering…

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