Portfolio of Hope

All that we,
as humans,
can see
with our naked eye,
is only a tiny fraction
of all there is to see
out there/
of all that exists

Above us=
the vastness
of the universe

540 sextillion miles

(54,000,000,000,000,000,000,0000 miles)-

this just being the diameter
of the observable


Below us=
the vastness
of the ocean

139 million square miles.


Big numbers,
Big numbers that mean that;
what we all see here,
‘on land’,
is only scratching the surface
of all there really is to see out there/
up there/
down there…

You see,
up there‘-
in the universe
Earth is just one planet
amid millions upon millions
of other planets,
(approximately 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 other planets*,
to be exact)-
this being too big of a number
for us to even comprehend

*(So big that we know only 5% of the universe, the remaining 95% of it is still a complete mystery to us all)…

&, a similar scenario to the above is playing out
‘Down there’,

The land on which we live constitutes only 29% of the earth’s surface,
the remaining 71% is the ocean,
which is home to 226,000 known species
scientists estimate,
a few million more species
yet to be discovered.

Like the universe then,
which largely remains a mystery,
so too does the ocean
more than 80% of it has never been mapped,
or even seen
by humans.

Why is so much of the ocean yet to be explored’,
you ask?
Well, the reason mirrors that of why so much of the universe is also yet to be explored…
It’s simply due to the sheer scale
of it,
a scale that would see even the peak of the world’s tallest mountain-
Mount Everest*,
which measures 5.49 miles high,
failing to break the water’s surface
in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean.

(Yes, the ocean really is THAT vast)…

*Whilst on the topic of Mount Everest,
I think it’s important to note here that,
it’s not just things above and below us that go undiscovered,
many things on land get left unnoticed by the majority of us,
most notably,
all that exists
in the wilderness

(i.e., the worlds tallest mountains including the likes of Everest, Kilimanjaro, etc…)

And so,
it can be concluded that;
what us humans see
throughout our day-to-day existence
is evidently NOT offering us a true picture of life…

Our undoubtedly ‘sheltered’ existence can,
in fact,
be likened to someone who lives in the same village
for their whole life,
from the moment they’re born
to the moment they die,
having never stepped foot out of it
to experience the wider world.

To them,
their village is the whole world-
it’s ‘everything‘-
so blissfully unaware are they
of all that lies in wait
beyond it…

Like a villager who never leaves their village
and is therefore lacking any sort of perspective,
in our ignorance to consider that we are all but a mere speck of dust in the grand scheme of things,
also lack any,
and all,

My hope,
is that,
by informing you about the vastness
of existence
in today’s blog post,
you’ll switch off your phone/
with a little more perspective
than you had when you switched it on,


I hope that,
next time you’re outside
at night,
you’ll feel inspired
to look up
at the sky,
if you’re fortunate enough to live near the sea,
feel inspired to look out
at the waves-
and marvel
at what you’re a part of-
something so big,
so vast,
that we can’t even comprehend
what it means-

to be

to be alive & embracing the real life magic-

the vastness
of existence.

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