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If we suffer with a physical health complaint,
such as a broken arm,
it is unlikely that we will feel the pain from our broken arm anywhere else in our body-
the pain will be localised.


If we suffer with a mental health complaint,
such as Depression,
it is not just felt in the mind,
but in most parts of the body-

stomach ache,
loss of appetite,
digestive issues,
muscle ache-

the pain felt is undoubtedly not localised,
for it tends to consume everything
your whole being-
effecting every body part,
from head-to-toe.

And so,
my question is;

‘Why is this?’

Why, when our brain is as small as it is compared to the rest of our body

(weighing in at just 2% of our total body weight),

does it’s ‘malfunction’ result in the downfall of our body in its entirety,
in such a spectacular way?

An interesting question to ponder over,
is the one posed above I feel,
and one that makes the long-standing debate of;

‘Should we be devoting more resources to the treatment of our mental health,
giving it the same attention as we give to our physical health?’

all the more relevant,
once again…

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