Portfolio of Hope

We have seen enormous material progress in our lives,
we need to catch up on the spiritual side,
we have been living in the dark for far too long.
We must therefore go on a voyage of spiritual discovery,
so that we can see the truth that exists beyond confining common-sense and rationality.

The good news?
That this,
we can do.

You see,
just outside of the darkness,
exists the light
a light which can illuminate the world for us,
if only we choose to crawl out of our gloom and hibernation,
and enter the arms of ‘God’-
not the ‘big man in the sky’ image we’re all too often told is ‘God’,
but into the universe
the ‘good.’*

*(We should all be placing our faith in ‘Goodness’ over ‘God’,
‘God’ is,
just another name for the Good which resides in us all,
we are all temples of ‘God’/
The ‘Good’/
whatever you want to call it)…*

How amazing,
how empowering,
to know this…
To know that…
the very same energy which holds the planets in the sky up/
that keeps them going around and around,
is inside of each of us,

We’re all a part of the whole thing-
the order in the world,
the amazing power of nature,
the complexity of life.

We are the magic.

We are ‘God.’

We are

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