Portfolio of Hope

If you compressed the entire lifetime of the almost 14-billion-year-old universe into the span of a single year,
then all of recorded history would take up the last few moments of its final day-
the whole chronicle of homo sapiens
from caveman
to astronaut,
unfolding in 60 seconds to midnight on December 31st.

And so, life, we can conclude, despite its prevalence of nearly 14 billion years,
in reality,
nothing but a sneeze,
a second,
in the illimitable unfolding of the universe.

So small
the world as we know it is,
so absurdly tiny,
that our whole galaxy is but a single microbe
on the one spiked eyelash of a vaster universe.

With the minuteness of the world,
(as highlighted above),
in mind then,
hold on to the perspective that such knowledge offers.

Hold on to the perspective and…
strive to rise above the petty concerns/
the trivial worries,
that so many of us face on the daily.

Hold on to the perspective and,
strive towards something ‘higher‘/
something more worthwhile.

Just hold on to it

-the perspective.

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