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Today, we are living in a world within which rates of mental ill health and suicide are on the rise,

and yet,

we are, also, living in a world within which we are, as a collective, failing to investigate the true cause(s) of such things…

You see, instead of considering the collective/environmental causes of rising rates of mental ill health and suicide-

that, rising rates of mental ill health and suicide are, in fact, simply normal response(s) to an abnormal world-

we tend to hyper-focus on individuals instead, pushing forth the narrative that, those who struggle with their mental health are, somehow, ‘broken.’

Because of this- because of our, arguable, ignorance to the true causes of the mental health ‘pandemic’ we’re living through, the collective change(s) required to tackle such a ‘pandemic’ are simply just not taking place…

Climate change-

flooding, fires-

hate crimes,

the world is chaos,

and yet, we are all too quick to over pathologise all of this/

to over pathologise what is, really, just young people struggling with a terrible world…

And so, it doesn’t actually mean that there is something ‘wrong’ with us if we’re feeling anxious or depressed,’


it means that there is something wrong with society

(there is a sickness in our society that needs to be remedied first and foremost)…

What we need then, is a societal change-

(we can all work on ourselves individually but, at the end of the day, it is society which needs the greatest work),

for, the reality is that, people aren’t just randomly becoming unhappier,

people are becoming unhappier because the world within which we live is becoming an unhappier and harder place to be…

The world then- it needs to become a less scary place to live.

The world then- it needs to change,

for the better.

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