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4AM musings…

Only one thing is guaranteed in this life-


(i.e., the fact that we are all, one day, going to die).

The problem* with this

(*’problem’ only if we don’t live our lives “right”)

is that, like a sand timer, with each passing day, the sand (our life) is gradually running out…

Because we don’t know- can’t know- when our timer will run out, in order to live our lives “right”, we must, pardon the ridiculously overused, somewhat cheesy quote,

“live every day as if it is our last.”

By this, I mean that we must…

Stop delaying doing the things which we tell ourselves we will get round to doing ” one day”-

(“One day” must be today)…

&, we must…

Stop worrying about doing the things/saying the things/being the “things” which we really want to do/be/say

(&, likewise…

Stop worrying about not doing the things/saying the things/being the things which we really don’t want to do/be say)

out of a fear of what other people will think.

Instead, we must all strive to live in such a way that, if today really is the day that our sand runs out (a very real possibility), then we will leave this world knowing that we have lived a good life, a life that we are proud of, a life that is “right“/true to ourselves with…

No accomplishments being left undone..

No despairing thoughts of “if only I had more time…”

No regrets



Gratitude for the opportunity we were given simply to be here at all


(such an unlikely opportunity, the odds of us being born into this life so greatly being stacked against us)…

&, Gratitude for this opportunity, this gift, to be a part of such a beautiful, sacred, rare thing

of which we cannot, must not, waste-

our one, precious life.


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