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Most psychiatric illnesses are, in fact, not mental health illnesses, but brain health illnesses.

Brain health illnesses because, the brain, and the physical moment by moment functioning of it, is the creator of the mind, and so, if the brain isn’t working at its optimum, then neither will the mind work at its optimum, either, thus leading to the development of psychiatric illnesses. This is because, as its creator, the mind cannot exist without the brain. For, we need the brain you see- the physical organ contained within our head which can be touched and seen, in order for the mind- the complex, intangible network of thought processes and consciousness which can neither be touched nor seen, to exist.

In terms of the brain existing without the mind, whilst this would be possible, it would be futileuseless– as, we would be unable to perceive it, or anything, for that matter. Our existence would be comparable to that of an object– a non-sentient ‘thing’, unable to think, or perceive, anything.

Or, so we think…

Whose to say though that; the human level of consciousness isn’t way down on the ladder- level one of ten, for example? Whose to say that, in the same way that we look at other animals and consider their consciousness to be ‘lesser than’ ours, another animal or, more likely, another ‘thing’, doesn’t look at us humans in the same way- considering our consciousness to be ‘lesser than’, too?

Whilst it is widely believed that there would be no conscious experience without the brain, the fact is that the mind (the very thing which creates consciousness) is simply energy, and, as energy can be neither created nor destroyed, this means that; even after the brains diminish (i.e., even after our death, an occurrence which causes all functions of the brain to come to a stop/to ‘cease to exist’), our consciousness continues to exist beyond our physical body- external to our brain, as energy*

*(Energy which, physically speaking, is generated in the brain every time we think, feel, and choose, creating structural changes in the brain (neuroplasticity) whereby, with every experience- with every thought and feeling- the brain changes).

Knowing that our mind and brain are separate then, as indicated above, ultimately puts us in the control seat, because, we can all learn how to better manage our thoughts, and actions, thus making symptoms of psychiatric illnesses (e.g., feelings of depression, stress, anger, and anxiety) work for us instead of against us, thus bringing balance back into our brain

(and life).

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