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Most people are taught, from being young children, to just accept that things ‘are the way they are’, this being the stock answer given for all the ‘why’s?’ asked of our parents/teachers/carers who, unintentionally perhaps, put an abrupt end to our young, curious minds. The result of this? A lack of, if not complete loss of, curiosity in our adulthoods, a result of it having been squashed down and squeezed out of us in childhood.

Our parents/teachers/carers aren’t to blame for this, though, even though, in many cases, they will have been the people responsible for shutting down our questions and, ultimately, stifling our curiosity. If we want to blame anyone, we should not look to a person, but to society as a whole. It is society, and all of the structures and institutions within it, that must be held responsible- a society which convinces us that the systems and structures that are destroying humanity are actually ‘helping’ us,


a society which convinces us that the things that really don’t matter hold the most importance-

e.g. profits over people-

and that, the things which really do matter hold the least importance-

e.g. spirit and soul over body-size/shape/weight,

consciousness over ego…

It’s no wonder then that, as children, we were so quickly shut down, for, to our parents/teachers/carers (the ‘older’ generation) who have always had the same perception of the world, to have that perception questioned must be a terrifying concept to even contemplate, let alone answer, hence why the well known saying;

‘Ignorance is bliss’

springs to mind,

for, it is so much easier for us to remain oblivious to what is really going on-




of the masses-

than to accept the truth-

that this-


is an illusion, albeit a very realistic one…

The good news though is that, as adults with freewill, we no longer need to rely on our parents to answer our questions, we can seek out the answers for ourselves, asking the hardest of questions, demanding the realest of answers…

Questions such as;

Why are we so obsessed with money, something which is essentially meaningless- merely bits of paper/intangible numbers on a screen, none of which is real until we deem it to hold value?

Why have there been, and why does there continue to be, so many wars triggered by our greed to take over countries, when, in reality there are no countries anyway- the whole world is connected?

Why do we attach so much meaning to certain people/

Why do we worship celebrities?

Why do we pray to Gods?

Why do we elect Governments- Prime Ministers, Presidents?

Why do we give power to Police Officers, Courts of Justice?

Why do we put all these people,

people whom are no different to you and I,

on some sort of ‘pedestal’ when, at the end of the day, we are all just one united energy force?

It makes no sense.

Like the very nature of society-


I believe that it’s because of the nature of society, a society which is so intent on dividing us all, that the afterlife/’heaven’ is regarded by so many as a sacred place- a place whereby one is no longer shackled down by the constraints of the body, or the structures of society, a place where we are all just existing in our natural, true state-

as one-

transcending the physical world, and moving into the meta-physical world,

escaping from form, and becoming formless,

locking away our egos, and becoming one.

Why wait for an afterlife for us to experience peace though, when we can experience it right here, on earth? If only we refuse to blindly accept what we are told is the truth, and realise the truth for ourselves, leaning into our awareness.

The difficulty with “leaning into our awareness” though, can be likened to the difficulty of waking up from a dream. In the same way that we don’t realise we’re dreaming until we wake up/we’re convinced that our dream is real until we wake from it, nor do we realise that the society we’re a part of us isn’t real until we wake up from that, too/until we’re awakened to our true nature. For, like our dreams, when we’re experiencing it, albeit experiencing an illusion, it seems so real.

The time has come though, for us all to, finally, wake up, and realise the truth.

Now, I’m not naïve in thinking that we will have a revolution, overthrowing all of societies structures and institutions but, I am confident that we can all make changes on an individual, person-by-person basis in order to create our own inner-peace. After all, the greatest changes start from within.

So, as I conclude this post, please, remember to;

Keep asking the hardest of questions,

keep seeking the deepest of answers,


keep spreading the message-

that we are one,

and that,


It’s nothing more than a myth.

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