Portfolio of Hope

Art, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is defined as being:

‘The making of objects, images, music, etc. that are beautiful or that express feelings.’

‘Express feelings’ being the key point here, the key point of art, in my opinion:

to express our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires/

to present the most intimate of concepts/

the way we experience the world-

the way our minds process both the mundane and the miracles,

sociology and spirituality,

through art

Through reading a poem,

through enjoying a concert,

through contemplating a drawing,

through doing/making anything which serves to move people


to inspire people,

to incite in us new questions


to provoke in us curiosity,


even outrage,

like a sort of ‘divine inspiration’,

art is uniquely positioned to do so…

Why is so much ‘untapped power’ accessible through art?/

Why does art have the ability to unlock the full potential of the human mind,

giving us access to; ‘higher orders of thinking?’

The reason, is quite simple:

It’s because, words alone are not enough to convey all that we want to convey/

to convey all that we must convey, for the sake of making progress in the world,

whereas, art?

Art, whether we think it is ‘good

or not

(quick disclaimer: art is always ‘good’/

we are all born with creativity-

we are all born with the ability to draw and sing and write and paint

at our core)

art is.

For art, you see, is a vehicle which we use to carry our intent/

a vehicle within which we can release our most profound emotions,

as we learn to make meaning

beyond language*,

*(for artists, by the way, the above being true as much during the process of creating, as at the end, if not more so, in fact, as inspiration is often at its peak when we are ‘mid-flow’)…

And so,


you see?

This ability to evoke unparalleled levels of inspiration,



This is the untapped power…

of art.

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