Portfolio of Hope

Do you ever feel…



I mean, just frightened that…

we’re here at all

when it’s all so…


When we don’t know where we came from,

or where we’re going when we die?

Does that not absolutely terrify you?

Or, are you like most people,

who just seem to accept the nature of our world/

who just seem to accept all the unknowns?

Unlike I,

who is filled with such wonder,


&, sometimes,


of the universe?

Unlike I,

who thinks about it


I suppose, to do the latter though,

to experience such wonder and fear of the universe,

is frightfully adolescent in a way-

the sort of thing which you’re meant to agonise about when you’re young

and insecure.

But, then again, thinking about it, perhaps we’re always young and insecure,

in one sense, anyway,

so filled up are we with existential angst,

albeit, an existential angst that most people would rather not admit-

‘it’s a bit much’-

turning instead to the promise of religion

as they seek reassurance,



or, in the case of ‘God’, someone, to

‘make it all make sense’/

(i.e., to bury their head in the sand)/

as they try to make something which is so much bigger than us human beings-

something which is so abstract,

so mysterious

into something human

The reality, though, is that

we actually know depressingly little

about anything,

for, in the grand scheme of things-

in the grand scheme of the universe

we are nothing more than an infinitesimal speck

We are all just infinitesimal specks of dust,

floating around,

existing within something which is so much greater

so much greater than anything we could possibly even hope to understand.

And so,

our existential angst


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