Portfolio of Hope

You not being here,
it still doesn’t feel real,
a whole 4 months on,
but then,
saying that,
what IS real?

The idea that when we pass away we are, simply, ‘gone
is as real as Santa Claus is real…
It just isn’t.
It is merely a social construct/
i.e., a made-up concept,
conjured up by the minds of us human beings,
us human beings who know, frighteningly, little.

The idea that death is ‘the end’-
might make us feel better about ourselves/better about how little we know
as we…
attempt to attach ‘common sense’/rationality to the incomprehensible-
it provides us with a source of ‘comfort‘, you could say-
but, we can’t be naive enough to believe that this is reality
that death really IS the end…
(death, and there is no doubt in my mind about this, is abolutely NOT the end.
In fact, death?
It is far more likely to be the beginning
of everything
taking us away from the artificial, human-made society we call ‘life’-
into pure consciousness/
into a state of ‘oneness‘ with the universe/
into genuine reality-
than it is likely to be the end…

And so,
when we all say that;
you not being here doesn’t feel ‘real‘,
maybe there’s a reason for that-
it doesn’t feel real
it isn’t.

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