Portfolio of Hope

No matter what your opinion on the origin of our existence is-
whether you’re religious, believing that we all descended from God,
Spritual, believing that we are all ‘children of the universe‘,
Science-focused, believing in the theory of evolution,
or whether, like me, you’re not quite sure what to believe,
one thing that we cannot dispute/
one thing that we can, (and must), be sure of
is that;
We’re all in this together
this‘ being life.
Not just in a metaphorical/spiritual sense, but in a biological sense, too,
we are all related.
We‘ meaning all 7.8 billion of us-
we are all distant cousins,
all part of a single race-
the human race-
with the family tree of humanity being so much more interconnected than we ever thought possible…
How can this be? Because, the fact is that;
no person comes from just one ethnic background, or from just one region of the world (despite where you were born).
In other words-
We all have connections to the entire globe, meaning that, not too long ago, our ancestors were involved in every event in world history…
We can say this for a fact because; there simply have not been enough people alive throughout history for us all to have completley different sets of ancestors-
ie., it is impossible for us to have ancestors going back dozens of generations without having overlapping ancestors with everyone else.
Just consider this:
You have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, etc, etc. If you follow that back just 40 generations, you get over a trillion people. And yet, there haven’t been a trillion total humans in the entire history of humanity (scientists predicts the number to be approximately 117 billion). So, what gives? The answer is that many of your great great great great great great grandparents are the same people
we are all, essentially, the same people, all derived from the same source…

What an amazing conclusion this is to arrive at-
the conclusion that, the concept of us all being one is actually not a concept at all, it is a fact.
I only wish that everyone realised this/
that everyone, finally, came to the realisation that, our differences? They are so insignificant,
so petty,
when we are, literally, one and the same-

No matter the language we speak, the colour of our skin, who we love- we are all connected,
all related-

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