Portfolio of Hope

We’re all somebody else’s creation.
Our names,
heck- even our bodies
all created by someone else.
It’s no wonder then, that we find it so hard to find ourselves,
to discover who we really are,
aside from the narrative that has been telling us who we are,
even from before we were born-
from when our mother went for that first scan
to discover if we were going to be a boy or a girl.
The fact,
(albeit, a fact which we’re all too quick to forget,
choosing instead to hide away in our armour of labels/
our metaphorical “security blanket”)
is that;
we are,
quite simply,
consciousness in the purest,
truest sense of the word…

When we finally allow ourselves to take away all the superficilaties/
to strip away all the labels-
That is what we are
Pure consciousness
At one with the whole universe…

How beautiful

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