Portfolio of Hope

We’re shut up in a space capsule-

black ceiling-

starred with lights,

only a frightening void beyond.

A ‘void‘ because

what exists there we do not know-

cannot possibly know,

for, so far beyond human comprehension

it is.

So far beyond our limited understanding

of what it-


all means…

Thinking that we’re the ‘be all and end all’-


the nature of what it means to be human-


(thinking that we’re at the centre of everything)

when, the reality is that…

If all of us-

all of humanity

were to disappear


then, Mother Nature?

She would not miss us.

In our abscence

she would rejoice

in blissful ignorance,

as though we were never there in the first place:

Birds still singing,

wind still blowing,

water still flowing,

life still…


Because, like the age old question of:

‘Do falling trees still make a noise when there’s no one there to hear them fall?’

(the answer: yes)-

everything is happening everywhere,

all the time,

(and, will continue to happen everywhere,

all the time)

whether we’re there to see it/

hear it,

or not.

Proof of this?

I never go to the Peak District during the week, only on a Saturday, but, today, as I’m writing this, it is Monday, and, here I am.

Everything is the same.

Fairly quiet,


the same.

And, tomorrow when I’m not here,

tomorrow when I’m on a plane on my way to Gibraltar, it will still be the same.

And the day after that,

and the day after that,

day after day after day-

the same.

And so, you see?

While I’m at home-




about all the superficialities of this thing we call ‘life‘,

Mother Nature?

She just is.

She just exists

in pure consciousness

at one

with everything.


Mother Nature has no ego.

She doesn’t care for all the frivolities

of humanity

(this being the way we all should be-


And so,

I think that we can all take a lesson from her

(she is our Mother, in the truest sense of the word, after all)-

a Mother who…

doesn’t care if it’s a weekend

or a bank holiday

or a normal working day-

every day is the same to her,

for, days don’t exist in her world.

Time doesn’t exist.

Every day is simply a continuation

of the last.

Every day

‘just is’-

existing in perfect harmony/

in beautiful tranquility.

Existing for no one,



A parting message..

‘Starve The Ego,

Feed The Soul.’

This is Mother Nature’s lesson

to us all.

Let us thank her,

Let us learn from her,

Let us be her-

at one.

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