Portfolio of Hope

‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’-

an aggressive tone-


aimed at men

men who are told that they should

‘get something to eat when they’re hungry’

(i.e., that they should

‘listen to their bodies’)-

‘chocolate is good-

so tasty-


Whereas, for women,

when we tell women;

‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’-

that’s kind of the whole point…

Women are not supposed to be themselves-

you are not supposed to be you-

it poses too much of a threat to society-

you pose too much of a threat to society

(a patriarchal society which is designed for men,

not women,

by the way-

this fact being an ironic one when,

without us,

without women,

there would be no society-

for, women literally made every single fkin man who tells us that we’re somehow ‘below’ them)…

Though still, we, as women, are told to ignore our hunger,

to remain a ‘dulled down’ version of ourselves


‘chocolate is bad-

a sin-

so fattening!!’-

so as not to threaten what it means to be a ‘man.’

And so, we stay hungry,

not because we’re ‘vain’ or because we ‘like’ the feeling of being hungry

(we might grow to ‘like’ the feeling in a messed up sort of way, over time-

i.e., we might develop an eating disorder-

but, actually, most women fkin love food,

and, most women would much rather say ‘yes’ to that bar of chocolate than politely shake their head ‘no’),

we stay hungry simply because it’s the way we’ve been conditioned to behave

from society at large,

from the men who govern society,

even from other women-

our own mothers

who, through, their own conditioning, subliminally passed/pass

that same narrative on to us-

a narrative that tells us that we must stay hungry,

we must stay ‘thin’,

at all costs,

even when that cost is


*’Everything’ because, in a state of starvation, we have no mental (or physical) capacity to reach our potential-

we have no capacity to conjure up all of the wonderful ideas that would otherwise be buzzing around in our heads,

like a butterfly trapped in a jam jar,

just waiting to be set free-


and, we certainly don’t have the capacity to bring those ideas into fruition.

For, just like that butterfly in the jam jar, we are at the mercy of someone else to set us free-

we are at the mercy of our hunger,

we are at the mercy of our bodies,

we are at the mercy of our society-

unable to change the world-


The nature of being a woman,

and hungry,

is this

It’s time for us all to break free.

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