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When people say that Anorexia is

a ‘teenage illness’,

do they realise how ignorant

how offensive

that is?

to all the women,

and, increasingly, men,

who have spent their whole lives, literally, ‘tearing themselves apart’-

starving themselves,

exercising themselves into oblivion,

forcing themselves to be sick,

missing out on…


do they realise how offensive

that is?

To you:

an off-the-hand comment.

To them:

their whole life-


Anorexia is not

a ‘teenage illness’,

but, without recovery, it is

a ‘death sentence’

a slow,

and painful,

death sentence…

Don’t be the idiot who makes it even more painful-

just think before you say it,

and then,

don’t say it at all


One response to “Anorexia Isn’t Just A ‘Teenage’ Illness.”

  1. I ‘m pretty sure that you are bang on about this.

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