Portfolio of Hope

The way I’d describe myself/

my life

at present


like a vase

that’s been dropped,

smashed into a million pieces,


in a mad panic,

put together all…




so that now it looks like absolute crap/

is ‘unusable‘-

THE prime example of a ‘bad repair job…’

The only way to move forwards now/

to try to salvage the vase,

is to, first, move backwards:

to melt the glue,

peel it off,

and start again,

taking the time to ‘put it right’,

whilst accepting that:

the vase won’t look exactly the same as it looked before,

for, the cracks will still be there,

under the glue…

The vase will, however, look whole again,

feel whole again, even.

Fragile, but whole

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