Portfolio of Hope

Last week, after a walk in the woods looking for the exit, I came across a funfair.
You know the kind-
all big rides,
a mini, portable theme park,
it got me thinking,
having just come out of the woods,
surrounded by trees that made me feel so tiny,
an unwavering sense of peacefulness and tranquility all around me,
how artificial society is.
I’ve always thought it to be a made-up construct in many senses anyway-
every institution from schools and school teachers to prisons and police officers are literally nothing more than a self imposed order which, if enough people decided to, we could overturn-
(yes, I know I sound like an Anarchist here but, I genuinely think that, if all institutions that use their inherently fictitious power to coerce the masses were abolished, life would be so much better-
so much more peaceful,
the way it-
should be,
but that’s a whole other post).
When you consider how much stuff we do and use that is unarguably artificial though-
(yes, I think that everything is inherently artificial, but I know that not everyone thinks so deeply about these things-
very philosophical)-
from the more lighthearted stuff such as theme parks and funfairs-
nothing more artificial than the bright lights,
loud music,
fake fun,
to the ‘harder’ stuff like drugs and alcohol-
an escapism-
you realise that,
maybe this is the point.
We want to escape,
so much so that we pay money to experience such a sense of disconnect from life/
to experience something other than the default,
Why do we want to escape so much?
Why do we crave such feelings of disconnect from a life which we’re so often told we need to be grateful for, simply for being a part of?
I don’t have all the reasons, but I do know that, last week when I couldn’t find the exit-
a way out of the funfair I had somehow ended up in the middle of-
I did
After seeming to walk for miles
it appeared
at last.
Yes, it might have taken me a while
but I found it.
I found the way out.
What greater analogy is there for life
than this-
a reminder that there is always a way out,
it can sometimes just take a little while to find it.
You will find it though.
You will feel better
one day.
Just stay here to see that happen,
and watch your whole life change for the better…

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