Portfolio of Hope

So much of our lives are spent tirelessly trying to acquire ‘things’,

as we prioritise materialism

over happiness.

We spend most days working,

usually in a job we don’t even like

just to pay the bills,


for what?

For some false sense of security?

An ego boost,


Because it makes us feel better about ourselves

to say that we are the CEO of such and such a company,

like that counts for anything.

I get it,

people need to work


as a society we have our priorities SO messed up.

We shouldn’t view working 12+ hour days,

taking no breaks,

as some sort of’ badge of honour’,


for some reason,

we kind of do…

The concept of the struggling writer,

the tortured artist,

all of these stupid metaphors having been romantisised,

so much so that existing on 3 hours sleep a night,

skipping meals,

working until you physically can’t work anymore

has become,

not only ‘normalised‘,

but praised,







It’s no surprise then,

that we are feeling constantly stressed,

constantly ‘on edge.’

I know that,

just from my experience,

even the act of sitting has become something that seems counterintuitive to the whole

#BeMoreProductive!!! ‘movement’


I feel like I constantly need to be working-

chasing goals-


when I’m not,

my mind convinces me that I am ‘lazy’/

‘not good enough’/


in some way,

of success.


if I’m not sacrificing sleep,




then what am I doing?

I know that I am not alone in feeling like this,


I have heard/read of so many more people,

particularly women,

(for, women tend to be of the, incorrect, assumption that to be worthy of professional success they need to sacrifice everything),

who also feel the same relentless,

wholly unforgiving


to work themselves into oblivion.

The problem is,

we spend so much of our lives doing this-

feet firmly pressed on accelerate-

that we never stop to consider how we will feel at the end.

At the end when…

lying on our deathbed,

we won’t be filled with guilt for all the overtime we didn’t do,

but for all the overtime we did do,


for how much we had to,

in turn,

sacrifice to do it-





if this post has one message,

let it be this…

Don’t let your life run away with you,

only to get to the end

and be filled with more regret



Don’t be that person.

Start putting your happiness first,

prioritising internal growth

over material/external growth

to *thrive*.

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