Portfolio of Hope

(both good and bad)
ripples outwards,
(both for better and for worse).

When we make positive changes in ourselves-
engaging in therapy, for example,
we are more likely to project the positive feelings triggered by such a change to the people around us, too
(personal development=societal development),
our self-love, perhaps subconsciously, translating to us being more loving of others.

&, similarly, when we make negative changes in ourselves-
a recent example in my situation being reverting back to restrictive eating,
we are more likely to project the negative feelings triggered by such a change to the people around us also.

Referring back to myself as an example, so caught up I have been in my own inner turmoil, that I have been taking it out on the people I love, causing them to feel Depressed, too…

As the saying goes;
‘hurt people hurt people.’

But, I want you to remember that;
You might have no control over having a mental illness, but you do have control over how much you let those feelings control your behaviour.

It’s hard, I get that.
It’s hard, so hard, to go against that ‘voice’ in your head telling you to hit self-destruct everyday.
But, you have a choice to not listen,
to go against that voice,
to do the very opposite of what it tells you you should be doing.

You have that choice-

to go against the negativity,
to embrace the positivity,
and to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Never forget your power-
your power which has always been there and will always be there-
ever again.

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