Portfolio of Hope

Every faith, law, value, and social rule in existence today all proceeded out of the womb of consciousness. This is why there is a unity of experience at the heart of all the world’s faiths* and values-
they all came from the same place.

*(to note: all the faiths of the world are, in fact, just spirituality taking form).

The problem that arises with this, though- the problem with spirituality taking form, in religion, for example- is that, as soon as spirituality takes a form, it has inevitably departed from the source. It has inevitably departed from the limitless spiritual domain from which it originated. When this is combined with the desires, fears, and needs of the human being, a spiritual form almost invariably transforms into a mind set
(and, a troubled one at that)…
‘Troubled’ because, however laudable a mind set may be, what happens is that our infinite and limitless nature becomes something finite and limited,
and therefore contrary to that original nature-
to liberate oneself from anything that stands in the way of our limitless and infinite nature-
to be free.

Those so imbued with a particular point of view that they cannot imagine anything beyond the play of one ideology or another, would obviously have great difficulty in taking on board such a truly free notion of liberation-
that there is a power within each human being greater than the power of social conditioning.
But, this power is undeniable.
It is our very nature.

I hope you can find comfort in that.

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