Portfolio of Hope

Literally meaning ‘continuous flow’ and often depicted as a whirlpool, the notion of Samsara* encompasses the forces that suck a person deeper and deeper into the play of the senses, into the interminable actions of cause and effect and continually defining oneself in relation to others

* (or, to put it simply, Samsara just means ‘the world’)…

Life, and our society, exists in a state of illusion whereby it perceives Samsara, the play of the world, to be real.

Though, to be liberated, one must realise that Samsara is merely apparent reality/

The world just appears to be real-

a natural manifestation of the empty clarity of mind

(i.e., not real at all)…

‘It was all a game and a sham, all foam and dream. It was the whole lovely and frightful, delicious and desperate kaleidoscope of life with its searing delights, its searing grief’s.’

-Hermann Hesse, 1943.

It is only when we find awakening through enlightenment, that we can escape the trap of Samsara,
access our true nature-
and be truly free…


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