Portfolio of Hope

Social media is damaging young minds.

Mindless scrolling.

‘Screen-time’ having become synonymous with ‘play-time.’

IPhone’s having replaced toy phones.

The age we’re accessing social media at is becoming younger and younger,

the content we’re accessing is becoming more and more toxic,

comparison after comparison being made on every photo we see…

‘They’re prettier than me,

more popular.’

‘They have a better life than me.

What am I doing with my life?’

In a constant state of not feeling good enough/

of feeling ‘lesser than.’

It’s not normal to be exposed to these images of ‘perfection’ all the time,

and from such a young age, too.

It’s not normal,

and it’s damaging

for both ourselves and for our children.

All the photoshopped photos,

the filters,

the fillers,

it’s not real life.

So, log out, put your phone down, and experience the real world.

Don’t let comparison be the thief of your joy, too.

Just remember, you are enough-


You don’t need to try to be anyone

but yourself.

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