Portfolio of Hope

Acknowledge the value you hold,
not just to yourself,
but to everyone around you too,
your life doesn’t just impact you,
it impacts everyone,
like a wave sending ripples across the ocean.


Because we’re all connected.

As beings of light and energy,
we’re all connected to the same massive current of love that powers the universe,
the same current that infuses everyone,
and everything,
with meaning.

Belonging with one another
and to one another,
we’re all woven together to create the magical experience that is life,
the beautiful tapestry of existence.

In acknowledging this we realise that…
None of us are alone
or unimportant,
we’re all part of something that is vastly bigger than ourselves-
a deeper order,
a unifying force,
‘unus mundus’-
where everything happens for a reason.

No such thing as ‘coincidence’,
no such thing as ‘random’ events,
the universe knows what it’s doing,
setting things up to support us
as we operate in alliance with our lifes calling.

This is faith-
a willingness to believe in something bigger than ourselves.

This is faith-
a belief in the unseen order of all the things our mind can’t prove
or explain
or even

(believing that we can comprehend everything that’s happening in the universe is very egotistical).

What we can comprehend, however, is that we are on the right path.

Though, to make our journeys worthwhile, we must all be more conscious of our mindset-
the way we talk to/
about ourselves,
our life experiences are simply physical manifestations of the conversations going on inside our heads
which the universe then responds to.

We must make the conversations we have with ourselves positive-
releasing positive energy-
so that the universe works for us
not against us.

In order to see evidence of the universe working for us
it’s not enough to simply will things into existence.
Awareness + Action= Success
(we must not overlook the middle part).
We must take action-
the antidote to despair,
it is action which allows us to take responisbility for our future,
action which holds us accountable to where we’re going.

Action which sees us, not doing things to be ‘popular’,
but to be impactful,
to disrupt.

Action which sees us, speaking not to ‘impress’,
but to inspire,
playing ‘outside of the box’-
a ‘change agent’-
before realising that…
there was never a box to begin with…

In realising this-
that ‘there was never a box to begin with’-
we come to acknowledge the one universal truth:
that we all have the power within us to do whatever we want with our lives,
to be whoever we want in our lives
even when things seem hard,
there is not one dark situation that doesn’t have a glimmer of light in it…

Soon you will see this for yourself.
Soon you will see light where before there was darkness,
meaning where before there was confusion.

Soon you will be free
to live the life you’ve always imagined.

If only you trust the universe
take the action,
then you will, finally, be free.

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