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People think that if they are unhappy with their gender then they need to artificially change their biological sex, without fully appreciating the fact that gender and sex are completely different.

So different, in fact, that the former doesn’t even exist…

Unlike sex which is observable based on ones physical anatomy, gender isn’t real. It is simply a societal construct upheld to maintain division in society.

‘Masculinity’ and ‘Femininity’ are not determinable by whether someone is a man or a woman, because they are not determinable at all. They are merely traits and characteristics that we have attached to people, because we love putting everything (including ourselves) into boxes. The issue with this comes, however, when someone with male anatomy doesn’t relate to the experience of being a man, and, likewise, when someone with female anatomy doesn’t relate to the experience of being a woman (at least, when they think they don’t relate to it). Most people feel such disconnect due to the stereotypical traits that we are told constitute a ‘normal’ man and a ‘normal’ woman. Men who don’t fit the traditionally ‘masculine’ stereotype and women who don’t fit the traditionally ‘feminine’ stereotype can have an incredibly hard time navigating the challenges that feeling so ‘out of place’ can cause. They might not only question their gender identity, but even their biological sex, believing that they must have been ‘born into the wrong body’ simply because what they have been told the experience of being a man or a woman is like doesn’t correlate to their own experiences.

The fact is though that ; what you have between your legs is completely irrelevant to who you are as a person… It is only because we have lived with the stereotypes for so long that we have become slightly naïve to this fact, and so it continues to feed into a lot of prejudice…

Men with more ‘feminine’ like qualities must be gay, women with more ‘masculine’ like qualities lesbian, despite sex, gender, and sexuality all being completely separate- completely unrelated to each other. Again, the reason for this attitude being due to the stereotypes surrounding what constitutes ‘manhood’ vs.* ‘womanhood’…

*(‘vs.’ being the key word… It’s like we pit men and women against each other, a line drawn down the middle to prevent any overlap. Because, God forbid a man who is nurturing and kind and loving!!! They are feminine qualities reserved for women. Men must be hard working and tough and strong!!!)

How ridiculous.

My hope is that we will get to a place where we can all just exist as ourselves in society. That we can let go of all the stereotypes and preconceived ideas of what it means to be a ‘man’ and what it means to be a ‘woman’. That we can choose to attach labels to ourselves if we want to, but that we can, also, choose to just be, finally, at peace with who we are at a deeper level, beyond all the superficialities, with no explanations needed-


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