Portfolio of Hope

When people talk about a ‘higher power’, most conjure up images of some sort of ‘God’, religious and spiritual teachings coming to mind. For people who are not religious or spiritual, however, this can make the idea of a ‘higher power’ seem quite inaccessible if it doesn’t align with their beliefs (or rather, with their lack of beliefs)…

Although I consider myself to be a spiritual person- I believe that our body is merely a vessel which houses our consciousness, something which can be neither created nor destroyed- I don’t prescribe to the belief that to believe in a higher power one must believe in the concept of the ‘immortal soul’, a common and recurring theme across spirituality and religion. I do, however, believe that we all have a higher power, regardless of whether we identify with any religion/spiritual practice or not, for, a higher power can be literally anything.

It doesn’t have to be ‘God’, if that (religion) isn’t something that you can get behind,


nor does it have to be ‘the universe’, if that (spirituality) feels too far out of reach for you.

It just needs to be something

something bigger than the whispers of self-doubt that convince you that you’re not good enough.

Something to believe.

It’s just a case of needing to find out what that ‘something’ is.

It could be a job- working in a job role with meaning- that becomes your higher power…

It could be a hobby- art- creating something out of nothing using just your mind, that becomes your higher power…

Again, it just needs to be something, anything, that feels bigger than yourself.

It is only when we realise this to be true, when we eventually find our higher power (because, we all have one, and we will all find it), that we will, in turn, each find it within ourselves the strength to lead lives of greater integrity, to honour our true selves, and to reach our full potential.

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