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Today, I’m joined by the lovely Charlie Michael Baker, 16 year old influencer, autism advocate, and bestselling author from Lancashire, UK. Charlie rose to fame in April 2023 after releasing his debut book, ‘Charlie Michael Baker: The Influencer Advocating Autism.’ Having amassed over half a million followers on Instagram, Charlie has accomplished more at 16 than most people do in a lifetime.

Not only is Charlie raising awareness of Autism through his writing, he is also directly helping people with Autism, having donated all proceeds from the sale of his books- over £200,000-to charities around the world…

Diagnosed with Autism at the age of 6, Charlie points to the likes of Christine McGuinness as inspiration behind the writing of his books.

Asking Charlie what inspired him to write his books, he said…

Charlie is using his platform as a voice for good, talking about, not only his experiences with autism, but also his experience in being bullied at school because of his differences.

In sticking with this ‘IDGAF’ attitude in which he embraces his differences, Charlie proudly identifies as a ‘Gay Autistic influencer’ online. I asked Charlie for his perspective on the parallels that exist between neurodiversity and queerness- the sense of not feeling like you fit in/feeling ‘other’ being very much prevalent in both ND (neurodivergent) and queer communities…

A big ‘up yours’ to all the people who bullied him in school, Charlie’s selflessness has seen him being nominated for awards; Forbes 30 under 30- the definitive list of young people changing the world- and the pride of Britain awards 2024, no less. It is evidently so well deserved, and I wish Charlie all the success in the world. He’s one to watch!

*You can buy Charlie’s bestselling book: Charlie Baker: Autism And Me here, and follow his Instagram page here*.

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