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‘What’s happened to the youth of today?

No work ethic.

Back in our day…’

I stop you.

‘Back In your day’ you didn’t have to worry about the state of the planet which is literally dying. And you think that WE have it easy??

The world is a scary place, living on a faultline, we get sucked into the quicksand- what we SHOULD be doing (for the greater good/ for humanity), VS what we’re ACTUALLY doing (for selfish reasons/ for our egos), they fail to align.

Last month, July 4th, marked Earth’s hottest day since records began (17.18 C). The record was broken three times in the same week (July 3rd-6th). And, this month, August 1st, marked the ocean’s hottest day since records began, as the global ocean temperature soared to its highest level ever recorded (20.96 C). Given this, you’d think that the people in power- the people who can actually make a change- would be trying to stop it (because, as much as we’re told that we can all make a difference, as is the case with everything in life, the buck stops with our world leaders).

I don’t know what’s scarier- the state of the world, or the state of the people in charge of it…

In the UK, our government have identified car users as ‘potential Conservative voters’ and, in an attempt to win more votes/to stay in power, they are scrapping the environmental plans they had proposed- appealing to the rich whilst destroying the poor (again). We know what’s going to happen, it’s happening now- flooding, draughts, people dying, mass extinctions- to watch the news surrounding climate change is like watching an apocalyptic film- Earth’s civilisation, earth itself, collapsing- the world is literally ending- and yet, nothing is being done to stop it, or to delay it, even- ‘ignorance is bliss.’ We’re hurtling towards the ‘point of no return’ at an alarmingly fast rate and, as much as this pains me to say, I can’t see things changing any time soon*

*(or ever).

I hate to be so ‘doom and gloom’ about this, but this is where we’re at. Not just another hysterical woman (although, some might argue otherwise), this is actually happening- open your eyes. This is real life-



And so, the least we can do for ourselves while we’re here is:



I want to LIVE.

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