Portfolio of Hope

sensual woman in bath with neon light

To be human

is to realise your vulnerabilities.

It’s to get up every day,

to even just choose to stay,

in spite of all the inevitabilities.

In spite of the grief

and the heartache

and all of the, until they arise,


It’s to just ‘keep on keeping on’

because you know that life is inherently good

with infinite possibilities.

It’s to better yourself

(and each other),

and to realise your capabilities.

It’s to make this messy old life worthwhile

helping one another to overlook the seeming ‘futilities.’

It’s to be brave

and to inspire

and to desire

soft lips

and warm hands

and people who understand.

It’s to fall back in love with life

and to look into your lovers eyes

and to see, once again, the beauty of the sunrise-

hope filled.

This makes it all worthwhile.

The universal experience of being human-

a rollercoaster.

The vulnerability is this.

To keep humaning in a world that wants to dehumanise.

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