Portfolio of Hope

woman holding flower in hand in nature

I was infatuated with you

with a childlike naivety

oblivious to the inevitable downfall,

ears shut to the cliched (but true) warnings of;

‘If something seems too good to be true, it probably is…’

I should’ve seen it coming.

Like crashing from a state of mania to depression,

‘What goes up must come down.’

And, it did.

When you left me

so did I-

I left myself.

And, I’ve been trying to find my way back home ever since…

But, it’s hard, you know?

Like walking down an unlit street,

house numbers overshadowed by darkness,

blackness enveloping everything,

I know that I’m close but, I can’t see far enough ahead to find it,

too many houses merging together under the pitch black sky.

But still, I search,

hoping that, soon, someone will hand me a torch and guide me,

shining a light so that I can see far enough ahead to breathe again

with the knowledge that I am on my way,


Returning back home

to myself,

at last.

May no one ever lead me into the darkness again.

too good to be true...

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